What is NETLAB+?

NETLAB+ is a remote access solution that allows academic institutions to host real IT equipment, virtual machines and a wide variety of curriculum content options. NETLAB+ includes all the software needed to provide an environment through which students may schedule and complete lab exercises for Information Technology courses.

NETLAB+ Features

How does NETLAB+ work?

The NETLAB+ system is installed and administered at your location. Your organization controls the class offerings, instructor accounts, student accounts and configuration of both virtual machines and real gear for instructional access. NETLAB+ includes a wide variety of curriculum content options.

NETLAB+ Requirements

NETLAB Academy Edition® is discounted upfront with the right to use tied to a required annual license fee. This model provides a lower cost of ownership and keeps your system current as technology changes.


NETLAB Professional Edition® is a perpetual license for customers that want the software upgrade service to be optional. NETLAB PE is designed to scale to a higher volume of students and allows custom setups. This model is favorable for organizations that want to capitalize costs upfront.

NETLAB+ Content
NETLAB+ Features

NETLAB+ offers many unique features, controls, and settings to fit the needs of any academic institution.